InnerAction Workshops

InnerAction is a two-day workshop that enables you to build the inner power to make your actions in the world resolute and effective. It is designed for women and men who care for the planet, locally or globally. In this workshop you will expand your self-awareness, build your inner strength and combine this with practical skills to contribute to a world that works for all.

We are living in extraordinary times. The call is for the qualities of the deep feminine to be rebalanced with the masculine, in the hearts of both women and men, to reshape our future. This workshop is for women and men who have already developed self-awareness and live consciously, who are committed to building their inner power in order to take effective action in shaping the future.

In this workshop you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of the current state of our world and what you can do to impact the areas you deeply care about
  • Develop and strengthen your emotional resilience to deal powerfully with the pain and suffering in the world
  • Create a vision for the future from the personal to the global
  • Leave with tools and practices that will sustain you on your journey
  • Identify your unique gifts and how you can contribute those to shaping the future
  • Design your project and an effective action plan for shaping the future

This workshop is organized in association with Rising Women Rising World, which offer tools for the development of inner power and the opportunity to connect with like-minded champions of change.

Registration details

Date and location: Next workshop – Summer  2015 TBC

Price: £250.00 [this includes all meals and accommodation].  Concessions £175.00

Register: Please, register your interest by sending an email to

Words from the facilitator

Marie Glad, Accredited Facilitator

Marie is the founder of Royal Sister. She facilitates transformation and designs solutions for personal and professional empowerment within Business, Tech, Lifestyle, Culture and Sustainability. She has a broad background within branding and UX design, and has worked as a business consultant for blue chip companies like IBM, IKEA, SonyEricsson, etc. Her political philosophy is empowering people to help their voices be heard. Marie has been an e-democracy candidate for the local government in Stockholm. She has also made several documentaries for Swedish Television. She is an explorer of life and artistic expressions, with the urge to inspire people to live in alignment with their life purpose. She is also a singer-songwriter and has released various albums on her own record label, Royal Sister. Music, yoga and permaculture are the main passions in her life. Teaching yoga at the Centre for Women in Crisis brought Marie a new life purpose, to empower women to make this world a better place.

Marie is based both in Brighton (UK) and Stockholm (Sweden).

Welcome to InnerAction.